Mad Streets

Mad Streets puts you in charge of a Beam-Em-Up for Hire business, right in the middle of the rugged, wild, college town of Gutsford. The locals are getting tired of the Football team and the rest of the cliques always airing out their issues with them and their businesses. Now you’re there to help them out and make some big bucks doing so.

Take on paying missions around the town focusing on Combat inspired by the classic Punch Out. Reinvest the money earned on training yourself in a few combat disciplines offered around the town. Need a boost or feel off? Go get a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants offering various aids in their delicious bites. But don’t spend too wildly. You owe that money and more to someone nasty, and they send someone to come collect every few days.

Fluid yet impactful combat

Target you enemies bodyparts with a punch out inspired combat system. Learn and swap in new fighting moves. Punches, Elbows, Kicks and more!

Explore Gutsford

The map starts off allowing you to travel to nearby places that need your help. Eventually access to the whole town will be given to you where you will chose between jobs, eating at restaurants for boosts, and training at one of three combat disciplines.